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Fine dining restaurant «PANORAMA» will occupy three top floors of the high-rise office building (at a height of 147 m.)

The complex is noted for its outstanding transport accessibility: the site is 2,6 km from the Minsk ring road and 5,8 km. from the city center (Oktyabrskaya square).

Сlose proximity to the National library, one of the city’s major tourist destinations, gives the site an upscale status.


  • Highest restaurant in Minsk (3 floors, total area - 2,500 sq.m.)
  • Viewing gallery (height - 147m)
  • Modern dining hall (brasserie) - 33rd floor
  • Modern boutique confectionary - 34th floor
  • Fine dining haute cuisine restaurant - 35th floor
  • VIP – area and business bar